For your convenience, we've assembled the most commonly asked questions posed to our team here.


Planning Phase

  • Q: How much does an app cost to develop?
    A: Many factors influence the cost of an app's development, including its scale, animations and art assets, release, and many others. You can find an in-depth guide to pricing your app here.
  • Q: Will Zco develop my idea for a profit share?
    A: Zco works strictly as a developer for hire. We do not participate in any revenue splits or percentage agreements. That means while you shoulder development costs, you own your app free and clear, including source code and intellectual property.
  • Q: How is my mobile app idea protected?
    A: The first step in the app development timeline is the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by both Zco and you, the prospective client. This protects both parties, since we’ll be working very closely together. Once it’s finished, the app and all its source code and intellectual property belong to you.
  • Q: Do you have references for your app development services?
    A: Take a look at the customer reviews on the Case Sts page, or contact our sales team directly to request a personal reference. They can connect you with clients who've had experience working with us.
  • Q: What platform is the best fit for my app?
    A: The platform you choose to develop your app on is critical to its long-term success. You must consider factors like target audience, device compatibility, and development tie frame. You can learn more on our Resources page.

Active Development

  • Q: How long does it take to develop an app?
    A: A project's timeline is driven by its requirements. As a rule of thumb, the more functions an app preforms, the longer its development. The more clearly you’ve defined your idea and how it will work as an app, the more accurately we can estimate a time frame.
  • Q: What is agile development?
    A: Agile development is the way we approach all of our projects. After getting a prototype of the app running, our teams work over several weeks, sharing the results with the client. Client feedback is then solicited and integrated, and development continues into another sprint. This cycle continues until the project's completion.
  • Q: Can we do some of the app development work ourselves?
    A: The regularly work with source code provided by our clients. If you have the technical know how or artwork ready, and just need something specific from us, we can cater to your needs. The idea is yours, so bring as much to the table as you can.

Launch and Post-Launch

  • Q: Will you help me get the app onto the marketplace?
    A: Yes, our services include uploading your app to its respective platform's app store. We will guide you through the process and make the app's binaries available for download.
  • Q: Does Zco maintain an app after its launch?
    A: After your app hits the market, Zco can be retained in order to rollout new updates to your app should you require it. This can take the form of new features, OS compatibility updates, and others.
  • Q: Will the source code for the app be released to me after its finished?
    A: Yes, all of the project's source code, design documents, and art resources, like animations and illustrations, will all be released to you after the end of development.
  • Q: Do you help clients market their app?
    A: We offer several marketing services for our clients who are developing public-facing applications. Please contact an account executive for more information.