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A Virtual Reality Experience for Everyone

Advances in display and graphics technology have lead to resurgence in virtual reality software. Where VR apps and games were relegated to bulky, impractical, and costly hardware, the newest generation can run on most consumer smartphones.

The net result is that more people than ever can access affordable VR headsets. There are endless opportunities to create software to connect with them.

Practical VR

VR apps can take the form of interactive VR games, including first-person shooters, third-person platformers, and strategy titles. Backed by Zco's in-house artists and animators, you can bring thrilling game concepts to life in front of your users' eyes.

However, VR is not limited to entertainment. 3D modeling programs, advanced engineering and architectural visualizations, and even surgery training simulations have all found VR invaluable for its immersive nature.

Proven Virtual Reality Developers

Zco is one of the industry's veteran VR developers. Our programmers' versatility and commitment to implementing cutting edge technology into our clients' projects have cemented our reputation in the industry.

Our developers and VR designers will work closely with you to craft engaging and interactive experiences for virtual reality and get them to run smoothly on the VR hardware platform you are targeting.



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Understanding VR Technologies and Platforms


Unity’s engine natively supports most VR headsets, and we can draw on its impressive visuals and physics systems to flesh out your VR app. Unity’s tools make it easy for our engineers and designers to prototype virtual reality designs and quickly implement and iterate upon your vision.

Oculus Rift

Facebook’s VR hardware is largely credited with sparking the renewed interested in virtual reality development. Featuring twin low-latency displays and motion tracking controller support, the Rift is an ideal platform to develop for. It also features its own dedicated app marketplace, similar to Google Play or Apple’s App Store, allowing VR apps to be easily featured and reviewed by users.

Google VR Services

Google has taken major steps to provide mobile developers the tools to build VR apps for Android hardware. While simpler in visual quality than dedicated desktop headsets, smart-device-based VR apps allow users to try VR anywhere they can bring their phone. It also frees users from having to purchase expensive dedicated VR hardware.