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Hybrid Apps

Reaching as many consumers as possible can be the difference between a dud app or a smash hit. Hybrid app frameworks allow for different operating systems to share the same core code, making overall development faster and less resource intensive.

Cross-platform hybrid apps are some of the most efficient and maintainable projects when it comes to HTML5 mobile app development. New features can be released for all platforms simultaneously, giving users a unified experience and connecting them to enterprise cloud storage or commercial-grade backend services with little effort.

Applications of
Hybrid Software

Hybrid app development combines advantages of both native and HTML5 applications. These apps benefit the most from cross-platform development as well, and free the software from a single hardware platform. Employees using their own devices can more easily navigate a hybrid app and require much less tech support compared to proprietary hardware.

When workers use the same software, businesses aren't forced to maintain an expensive fleet of devices that must be upgraded and maintained.

Premiere Hybrid

Having worked closely with large enterprise clients to design, program, and implement their hybrid app projects, our developers and project managers bring their wisdom and experience to your project.

Be it a help desk system, network administration tools, or software to track inventory and shipments, you can depend on our teams to provide you or your organization with a polished and efficient hybrid application.


CMC Connect

CMC Connect allows patients and visitors to access Catholic Medical Center’s locations, register for classes and events, explore career opportunities, and more. CMC Connect provides patients and visitors the convenience of accessing specific information and functions through their mobile device without relying solely on the CMC website.

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Understanding Hybrid Development

Xamarin App

Zco’s development teams have built many robust hybrid applications using Xamarin. With native API access, Xamarin projects take full advantage of advanced features of most mobile and desktop operating systems, enabling consistent user interfaces and high levels of performance. An average of 75 percent of code is shared across all mobile development platforms and user interfaces built with Xamarin.


The Appcelerator Platform allows for a large portion of a project’s source code to be reused between different platforms. It also helps integrate mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) capabilities through the Arrow backend. It’s also compatible with other pre-built connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and SQL, meaning your app can connect and integrate with your currently existing databases and data securely.


HTML5 enjoys near universal support on modern mobile devices and mainstream web browsers. HTML5 allows for the use of web apps with rich media, animation, interactivity, and even hardware acceleration for graphics and sounds. An HTML5 app can be deployed directly onto the web, for use through a browser. Used with JavaScript, HTML5 applications can offer a total user experience within a browser window. With HTML5, your app can offer a full multimedia experience on a wide variety of devices.

Xamarin Native

As new editions are released, Xamarin maintains its ability to interface with phone hardware at a low level. This allows your app to get native-like performance while running across many devices.


The scripting language that runs the web is also available for use in your app. JavaScript allows for user interaction, as well as visual rendering through NodeJS.