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A Virtual Reality Experience for Everyone

Augmented reality apps combine live video with computer-generated images, sounds, video, or GPS data. Unlike virtual reality (VR), which immerses the user in an entirely digital environment, AR blends digital content with the real world. Devices identify their surroundings and layer computer-generated effects over a real-time display.

Markers can be anything from a small image to a city's skyline. They can also be tied to geographic coordinates or other locational indicators.

Practical Uses for AR Applications

AR apps have many practical applications including marketing campaigns, medical uses, data visualization, and location-based ducation. Other uses include entertainment, such as alternate reality games (ARGs), location-based MMOs, and interactive cinematic experiences. Augmented reality has quickly established itself as a next-generation medium.

Experienced AR Developers

We continually innovate our AR projects with the latest software framework and technology available. Our in-house art team creates gorgeous AR games and for our clients, tapping directly into hardware to power the visuals. Whether you're an enterprise client seeking a better workflow for your employees or an entrepreneur with a cutting edge concept, our team can create an augmented reality solution for you.



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Understanding Augmented Reality Development

Apple AR Kit

Apple has released their own alternate reality framework for use with their iPhone and iPad lines of devices. Utilizing low-level hardware commands and iOS-specific optimizations, ARKit can bring high fidelity augmented reality experiences to Apple hardware. ARKit will continue to grow and evolve alongside the medium, and our engineers and programmers will continue to stay up to date with the API.

Google ARCore

Search giant Google maintains its own augmented reality development software, ARCore. Unlike other AR platforms, ARCore is primarily focused on determining a mobile device's relative location and orientation without polling the device's GPS or other external signals. Backed by ARCore, Android phones and tablet can provide engaging and accurate AR experiences to users.


Vuforia is a complete framework for AR app development that allows AR apps to utilize a local or cloud-based database and is supported by iOS, Android, and Unity. The framework offers features that can accurately read surrounding terrain, display floating text in real time, and further help immerse your users in your app.